Relaxing Swedish Massage

Reduce stress and unwind tight muscles with light to moderate pressure.  Utilizing long, calming strokes that promotes relaxation. 

60 minutes     $75

Deep Tissue Massage with Trigger Point Release 

For stubborn muscles that need extra attention, deep pressure combined with release of trigger points at muscle attachment sites provide relief and increased range of motion.

60 minutes    $75

90 minutes    $115

Warm Stone Massage

Have tight muscles but can't handle deep tissue?  The warmth of stones increases blood flow to problem areas to help reduce pain without extreme pressure.  

60 minutes    $75 

90 minutes    $115

Chakra Balancing Massage 

A unique combination of aromatherapy, foot reflexology pressure points, placement of semi-precious stones, use of meditative words AND massage of tight muscles generally associated with each chakra.  Seems a little hocus pocus?  Join us for "Introduction of Chakras" on the first Tuesday of each month to learn more about what chakras are and how they are associated with our central and peripheral nervous system.  

60 minutes    $75

Short but Sweet Massage 

Don't have time or the patience for a full hour?  Maybe nervous about getting a massage?  Try a 30 minute to see if it's for you.  Wear comfortable clothing and give it a shot! 

30 minutes    $45

Cupping Massage 

Utilizing specially designed silicone suction cups to soften rigid tissue, loosen and lift connective tissue while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin in ways not possible using compression.  The pulling action engages the parasympathic nervous system thus allowing a deep relaxation sensation through the entire body. 

30 minutes     $30

Add on to existing massage for $20