Signature Massage

Hot stone massage (on the back only), aromatherapy, and hot towels combined with focused work in trouble spots create a massage exquisitely designed to relax you completely. 

75 minutes     $85
90 minutes     $100
120 minutes    $125

Full-body hot stone massage is also available for the 75 and 90 minute massages.  Add $20. 


Basic Hour Massage

A full-body massage using long, relaxing strokes, kneading and stretching with light to moderate pressure, per your request.  Warm rice bags and hot towels may be used. 

60 minutes    $75


Express Massage

A shorter massage where work is typically focused on a few key areas, such as back & neck, feet & legs, upper back & shoulders. 

40 minutes    $50 


Relaxation Bodywork

Using gentle rocking, bouncing, and stretching compressions, this bodywork is done clothed and is deeply relaxing, gentle, and without pain.  It promotes body awareness and release of chronic tension. 

60 minutes    $60


Therapeutic Bodywork

Using various somatic techniques to relax and ease tension patterns, as well as Resistance Release work.  Resistance Release is a gentle, painless technique done cooperatively with your therapist to alleviate chronic pain and tension, and restore pain free movement to troubled areas.  A series of two or more sessions may be required for optimal results.  The client is clothed. 

60 – 90 minutes    $75


Foot Fantasy

A 25-minute treat for your feet! Use of hot stones and hot towels to relax and massage with stretching to invigorate.

25 minutes     $40

We are currently looking for a new massage therapist.  Please send inquiries to or call us at (775) 782-6059.