Stacey has always put her clients’ well-being first and foremost. Since she began massage therapy in 2006, it’s always been paramount to make each client’s experience on her table the best that she can.

All of her massage is therapeutic in nature, and she offers bodywork that is done with the client clothed. Remaining clothed allows the body to be placed in positions and taken through movements that cannot be easily accommodated while draped with a sheet. This increased range of body positions allows releasing of tension in joints of the hips, low back and elsewhere  that can be difficult to access with traditional massage. This clothed bodywork is also great for those who are more modest. And like traditional massage, it is deeply relaxing.


Thickening Tonic gives my thin, fine hair some Oomph! Hand Relief Night Repair Serum keeps my frequently washed hands dewy soft which is especially helpful in the winter.  Hand relief is great for hand massages it smells wonderful and absorbs well.


While she does not practice what is traditionally thought of as “deep tissue”, the methods she employs powerfully affect the deeper tissues of the body and coax them into releasing with a gentle intensity that the body welcomes readily. Her techniques never intentionally reach beyond a “hurts good” sensation, and she welcomes feedback of any discomfort.

Stacey has been a resident of Carson Valley since 2001. She happily shares her home with four goofy greyhounds, two comical toy rat terriers and one fastidious hairdresser husband. And an occasional hawk.